Hannah Flattery, Founder

Hannah founded Pretty Instinct in the spring of 2016 with the vision of disrupting the traditional status quo of the modeling industry. Hannah spent many years in the industry as both a model and photographer and through her own experience gained great insight in to the changes that needed to take place in order to make things more efficient and provide a new solution for brands. She grew up in Ireland but moved to the US to pursue modeling upon completion of her bachelors degree in International Business and French.


Marina Gostraya, Public RelaTions

Marina has a background in PR and fashion. She grew up in Russia and moved to the US in 2009. Having studied finance and economics in University in Russia, she always knew she wanted to do something in Business but not until she started working for A-list PR companies in Los Angeles did she really find her calling and teamed up with Hannah to bring her expertise to PI and make it what it is today.


Sarah OlberT, Model Scout & Creative Director

Sarah was born in Arizona and moved to LA in 2008 to become a model. Having modelled with world renowned agencies such as Whilemina Models in LA she knows the industry like the back of her hand. She has now turned to the other side of the industry in order to bring her industry knowledge and skills to Pretty Instinct in order to guide and help other models grow within in the industry.