Lauren Alexandra

Lauren is a fashion photographer based in Los Angeles.

Hannah Flattery

Hannah Flattery

Hannah is one of the founders of Pretty Instinct but also a passionate photographer. Her many years working as a model in front of the camera have given her a keen eye for what makes stunning and eye catching images.

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Lexie Montoya

Lexie was born and raised in Rhinebeck, NY. At the age of 16 she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in fashion and photography. She has shot for many international brands during her impressive career.

Nicole Hill


Nicole L. Hill is a West Coast photographer whose work embodies a sense of wonder, adventure, and free-spirited exploration.

She champions the use of natural movement, light and setting to create images that are both unexpected and confidently executed. Her photos tend to be rousing, provocative, and carefree, but are always fully reflective of their creators joyous spirit.